Dame Cicely Saunders Society

Our Dame Cicely Saunders Society glass sculpture, located at the Emogene Dolin Jones Hospice House, is a lasting tribute to our generous donors who have made it possible for hospice care to continue in our community and fulfill our mission and vision for today and for the future.

Dame Cicely Saunders, a British physician, founded the Modern Hospice Movement from her work with dying patients in the late 1940s. After earning her medical degree in 1957, Cicely Saunders became the first modern doctor to devote her career to dying patients with the establishment of Hospice and the new field of palliative medicine.

Dame Cicely Saunders had a vision and embarked on a mission to provide quality and compassionate end of life care over 60 years ago; a vision that continues to inspire and advance the mission of Hospice of Huntington.

The Dame Cicely Saunders Society allows our organization the opportunity to recognize our donors who have given, over time, $25,000 or more. It is important to us to thank our donors privately and publicly. Events planned for our society members allow us to publicly show our appreciation and to recognize our donors for their generosity to our organization. Dame Cicely Saunders Society members are an integral part of sustaining the Hospice of Huntington mission. A mission is to provide compassionate physical, emotional and spiritual care for those with a life-limiting illness and continued support for their families.

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