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Referrals to Hospice of Huntington can be made by the patients themselves, family members, friends, or healthcare professionals. Referrals need not come from a physician. Once the referral is made, hospice professionals gather the necessary medical information, confirm the patient’s appropriateness for hospice care, and schedule the Hospice of Huntington admission team to visit the patient and/or family.

Make a referral by calling:
(304) 529-4217 or (800) 788-5480

When is the Right Time to Call Hospice?

“It is never too soon to call Hospice of Huntington even if only to learn what resources are available to you.” Hospice of Huntington Admission Nurse

Most people find it difficult to know when is the right time to call hospice. If you have wondered this too, then you should call Hospice of Huntington now to see if services are right for you. It is never too early to find out what your options are for care. There is no obligation for your free evaluation to see if you are eligible for hospice care.

Hospice of Huntington is here to help you when you have been diagnosed with a serious disease. You don’t have to make decisions alone. Hospice of Huntington has the expertise and knowledge to help you LIVE BETTER with your disease. Often families tell us, ‘We wish we had called you sooner.” Patients tell us that they actually FEEL BETTER once the hospice team is there to help manage symptoms and lend support. Studies show that hospice patients LIVE LONGER than non-hospice patients with the same disease.

What Happens when you call?

When you call Hospice of Huntington there is always someone to talk with you. Our professional staff will ask you basic information about your name and phone number, your address, the name of your doctor and a brief explanation of your medical problems. We will make an appointment at your convenience to come to your home to explain hospice services. If you are more comfortable coming to our office or the Emogene Dolin Jones Hospice House, we can explain the services to you there.

We urge you to call Hospice of Huntington to learn how we can help. There is NO OBLIGATION to accept services. If you know what services hospice provides, then you will be able to access these services when you need them. Our services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances. We provide care regardless of your ability to pay so there is no financial burden.

Call (304) 529-4217 or (800) 788-5480

People call Hospice of Huntington when:

  • They are diagnosed with a serious illness and want more information
  • Have increased difficulty doing the things they love to do because of pain or other symptoms
  • Need support and help for the care giver

Hospice of Huntington

P: 304.529.4217 Toll-Free: 800.788.5480

P.O. Box 464 | Huntington, WV 25709
1101 Sixth Avenue | Huntington, WV 25701